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"GIRLS CODE TOO!!!" First Coding Bootcamp for JHS Leavers(Girls) in Wa Central.

The New Generation for Africa Project is an NGO that is passionate about contributing its quota to improving education in rural areas of Ghana. We do so primarily through promoting STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics] education among the youth.

NGAP has chosen to organize a bootcamp training young girls in computer coding dubbed "GIRLS CODE TOO".

This is mainly to help young girls earn a skill and ultimately a source of income. Teenage pregnancy is prevalent in the Upper West Region. They are also affected by rural urban migration for a better life in the big cities. NGAP realises that this affects mainly JHS Leavers who are vulnerable and yearn to earn something hence they are easily preyed on and abused by unruly adults. Our main target group for this first edition is young girls who just completed JHS in June 2019 and are awaiting results.

We are delighted to be partnered by GES-Wa Central and the Municipal Assembly-Wa Central. As key stakeholders, NGAP is delighted to partner them to grow the youth.

We hope to help the young girls acquire a marketable skill that will enable them work and earn something for themselves as well as whip up their interest to continue their education in order to achieve more.

Kindly visit the GES office- Wa central for forms.

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